Life Insurance and Stay-at-Home Parents

July 15, 2021 8:00 am

One of the most important things to have in your life is peace of mind about a safe future. You need to live in the present, enjoy your moments living this life, and not stay stressing about the future. You should really strive to obtain peace of mind – especially now, when it feels like anything unexpected can come knocking on our door and force us to live an entirely new kind of life (such as COVID-19). After all, the virus has caused many fatalities; it is essential to stay safe and prepared for the future.  

Here at IVALIFE, we want to make sure that your family and loved ones are protected, so that you can live your present without worrying about the future. In this article, we will be discussing why stay-at-home parents should consider getting life insurance. The truth of the matter is that certain problems and situations can happen to anyone, so assuming that you will remain safe because you live a generally safe life is a very risky assumption. Here at IVALIFE, we always counsel caution, because something might be waiting for you around the corner and you wouldn’t even know it.

Why do stay-at-home parents need life insurance?

The jobs of a stay-at-home parent are endless: from cook, to chauffeur, coach, private tutor, entertainer, nurse, and so many many more. If something were to happen to you, you really need to consider the future of your children and how the ways that you support them as a parent can be recreated in some way. 

Nothing can replace a parent, but at least, your surviving spouse can hire someone to fulfil these needs for your children and ensure that they want for nothing while they focus on earning the money that is necessary for the livelihood of your family. 

Daycare costs 

Childcare is immensely expensive, and you need to be careful about who to trust with your children, putting a lot of additional stress on the one surviving partner. In the event of the stay-at-home parent passing away, the children need to be minded by someone. This means that your surviving spouse will probably need to pay for childcare while they fulfil their working hours. This is why you should opt for a life insurance policy – the payout should something happen to you would help out with the childcare expenses, along with many other big costs. 

Tuition Costs

Everyone knows that sending children off to school to learn isn’t enough; children must be supported and encouraged to learn also when at home. Even if what they’re learning at home isn’t necessarily related to school, many other skills can be taught and encouraged by a stay-at-home parent; coordination, gross and fine motor skills, imagination, and so much more. 

Children can quickly fall behind in school after a traumatic event such as losing a parent; they are obviously preoccupied with big emotions they don’t exactly know how to deal with and process. Meanwhile, your spouse needs to work, handle house chores, child-rearing, and a million other responsibilities that fall on them as a single parent – not to mention that they are obviously also dealing with a tragic loss. 

This could all mean that your children might need extra tuition, tuition that you could have otherwise provided them yourself. This is another expense that needs to be accounted for. 

House chores 

We can all agree that spending time with your children is infinitely important compared to doing house chores such as cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping. After a long day of work, your spouse needs to come home and deal with all this, all the while wishing that they could instead just sit down with their children and spend time with them playing, learning, and dealing with your loss emotionally. 

A life insurance payout could mean that your spouse gets to spend more time with your children, who have just recently lost a parent, instead of spending all their time rotating between going to work, doing house chores, spending an hour or two, and then going to sleep. 


Children need extra-curricular activities to grow, learn different things, and gain new experiences. These include things such as sports, music lessons, dance lessons, and a hundred other activities that your children might want to do. Nowadays, they’re even necessary to obtain certification at school; children are given papers to be signed by their extra-curricular teachers, and the information is included on their school leaving certificate. 

As the stay-at-home parent, you’re usually the designated driver to take the children to these sorts of activities, especially if your spouse works shifts, or irregular hours and such. That would mean that while you’re always available, your spouse definitely isn’t. An insurance payout can allow your family to hire help to ensure that your passing doesn’t affect their extracurricular activities. 


Stay-at-home parents should definitely consider getting life insurance. If something unfortunate were to happen to them, the child would not only have lost one of their parents, but may also have lost the warmth and support of a parent who is always present and ready to help with anything they might need. By getting life insurance for a stay-at-home parent, you ensure that you are thinking long-term about the family, and doing whatever is possible to prevent any catastrophe. While losing a parent and a spouse is a terrible tragedy, the life insurance payout would at least allow your family to live far more comfortably than they would have without it. 

At IVALIFE, we have made it as easy as possible for you to buy a life insurance plan with only a few clicks. Our website details all the services we provide and a range of products you may need. We also have a sum-insured calculator that helps you estimate the sum insured based on your dependents, needs, and lifestyle. If you need any help with your life insurance plans, don’t hesitate to contact us on (+356) 2226 9500, or email us at [email protected], and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.